Harley Davidson Sportster Service Manuals

Gain the power and knowledge to work on your own motorcycle with DIY Repair Manuals and our Harley Davidson Sportster service manuals.

You may be the proud owner of a lovingly kept 1960s Sportster or you may be eagerly awaiting the most current model. One thing for certain, you desire the power to care for your own machine, at home and on the road. Get the information and power you need in our Harley Davidson Sportster repair manuals.


Keep your Harley on the road with our helpful reference guides

Society has long held the romantic dream of the lone traveler riding those backcountry roads into the sunset — it’s a beautiful dream. When you own your own Harley Davidson Sportster service manuals, you can be sure that the dream won’t turn into a “broke down on the side of a lonely highway” nightmare.

You’ll have the know-how, the diagnostics and you’ll have the diagrams you need to learn about your Harley inside and out.

  • Need to know the proper torque specs for your rear axle? You have a few choices — you can rely upon a forum post by a dude named “Greaser” or you could put your faith into the knowledge you gained from studying factory issued Harley Davidson Sportster shop manuals.
  • It seemed like an easy decision for the staff here at DIY Repair Manuals — we put our trust in the specifications, diagnostics and parts information that comes directly from the factory combined with the passion of our customers.
  • DIY Repair Manuals is proud to have a comprehensive library of Harley Davidson Sportster repair manuals that cover 60 years of production. Our staff goes the distance to assure our product library is complete and up to date.

On top of that, we offer some of the most competitive prices in the market. Our parts manuals are filled with the information you need to shop for, and replace, broken or worn parts, regardless of the year of your Sportster. Explore our site and shop our Harley Davidson Sportster service manuals today — or give us a call at 866.586.0949.