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What information is in a workshop manual?

In a workshop manual, you will find all of the details you need about the vehicle or equipment. There are service specifications, fluid info and capacities, instructions for repair, scheduled maintenance information, diagnostic and troubleshooting info, etc.

Do Haynes and Chilton still make manuals?

No, Chilton quit the retail market, and Haynes announced their decision to stop producing physical manuals in 2020.

Do I need workshop manuals?

They are a must if you plan on doing any repairs on your vehicle or equipment yourself. They also contain specifications, and valuable maintenance info, that will keep your equipment in top running form. If you want to save downtime on your equipment, having the service manuals, and doing repairs on site, will minimize profit loss.

Where can I get a workshop manual?

You can check with the Manufacturer’s website. You can google online, and access online information, however, this is not always handy at your fingertips. Do your due diligence when downloading online, as you could accidentally download a virus from an unreputable site. Your local library often has 3rd party manuals you can check out. And, of course, you can always go to DIY Repair Manuals.

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