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Where can I get a manual for my car?

No matter if you are looking for Service Repair manuals, Owner’s manuals or Parts Catalogs, DIY Repair Manuals is the place you want to be. It is important to make sure that you are getting factory original manuals, specific to your model and year, so that you have complete and accurate information. 3rd party manuals often cover several years and models and are NOT specific to your vehicle. There are often changes in a model from year to year, so it is so important to have the right manual.

What different types of manuals are available for my vehicle?

There are several different types of manuals you can get for every car. Every car needs an owner’s manual. This usually comes with the car if you purchased it new. It will go over all of the features of the vehicle, as well as what regular maintenance you need to do. Then, if you are going to service the car yourself, there are Service Repair Manuals, Parts Catalogs, and Wiring Diagrams you may need.

Can I Fix my car with a Service Repair Manual?

Even if you are not a mechanic, having the right Service Repair Manual, will give you the knowledge to perform Service and Maintenance projects, that will save you money. Every time you complete a maintenance project or repair yourself, you’ve put money in your own pocket. Properly serviced and regularly maintained cars last longer as well.

Should I get my manual in an online format or paper?

This is a personal preference, depending on how you want to use the manuals. The most important factor is that the manual is Factory Original from the manufacturer, so that it is year, make and model specific. Additionally, how much time do you want to be on the computer looking things up and printing them off, for the repair you are going to make? Or, are you someone who will better use their time having the manual right in front of you, and access at your fingertips?

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