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Can I fix my Harley Davidson myself?

Harley Davidson Motorcycles are made so the owner can work on his bike himself if he or she desires. It is part of the Harley Experience. These are solid bikes, built in a no-nonsense way, that allows the owner to dive right in. Grab a Factory Original Harley Davidson Repair Manual, and start showing your Harley Some Love

What is the number one selling motorcycle in the US?

Harley Davidson is the top-selling bike, with approx. 21.1% of the total US Market share. The next closest would be Honda with approx. 17.5%, followed by Yamaha at 11.3%. Until 2018, Everything on a Harley was made in the US. And, although Harley now does some overseas production, Harley is still considered A Made in America Motorcycle.

Does a Harley Davidson retain its resale value?

Harley Davidson Motorcycles seem to retain approx. 84% of their value at the 5-year mark. This makes it one of the highest-ranking motorcycle resale values out there. The other companies with high-ranking resale values would be BMW and Ducati.

What is the average age of the typical Harley Rider?

Over 50. These Baby Boomers fell in love with Harley and have stuck with it for life. They are proud, and love American made products. For a Harley Rider, their motorcycle is not a mode of transportation, it is a lifestyle. Harley has made quite a market with women riders, and is hoping to entice a younger demographic as well.

"Every new development, highway, railroad, steamship line, building operation, whether it be a drainage project in old Greece or a new water system in Peru, means an added use of the automobile." - Walter Chrysler

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