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Chrysler is one of the leading automobile manufacturers. Chrysler produces some of the most iconic vehicles of all time including the PT Cruiser, Lebaron, Pacifica and Town & Country to name a few. Click a model from the list below or call us to purchase a factory original Chrysler owners, service repair, electrical wiring or parts catalog manual.

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Related Questions

How much does it cost per year to maintain and upkeep my Chrysler?

Average annual costs for upkeep and maintenance on a Chrysler should run you about $600. Chrysler have a reliability rating of 3.5 out of 5, so just slightly better than average.

What is the life expectancy of a Chrysler 300?

With good care and maintenance, you can expect a useful life of about 13 years, or 200,000 miles. After that point, you may see an increase in problems, such as transmission problems, which is one of the biggest reported problems for the Chrysler brand.

Is Chrysler still making vehicles?

Chrysler is now a brand of Stellantis, and is still operating, but now has a much smaller lineup of vehicle offerings. The current vehicles still being manufactured under the Chrysler label are the Voyager, the Pacifica, and the 300.

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