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HINO Manuals: Operators Manual, Service Repair, Electrical Wiring and Parts

Factory Original Hino Manuals

Hino is one of the leading heavy truck manufacturers. Hino produces some of the most iconic heavy trucks of all time including the 155, 258, 268 and 338 to name a few. Click a model from the list below or call us to purchase a factory original Hino operators, service repair, electrical wiring or parts catalog manual.

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Related Questions

What kinds of vehicles does Hino Motors produce?

Hino Motors produces a wide range of commercial vehicles, including trucks, buses, and vans. The company's vehicles are used for a variety of applications, including transportation of goods, passenger transportation, and construction.

How many miles does a Hino box truck last?

The lifespan of a Hino box truck, like any vehicle, will depend on a number of factors, including how well it is maintained, the driving it is subjected to, and any damage it may incur. In general, a well-maintained Hino box truck can last between 250,000 and 155,000 miles

How much weight can a Hino 338 carry?

The Hino 338 is a medium-duty truck that is available in a range of configurations, including straight trucks, chassis cabs, and tractors. The payload capacity of the Hino 338 will vary depending on the specific model and the vehicle's configuration. The Hino 338 is designed to handle medium-duty applications and has a payload capacity of around 15,000 pounds.

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