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Related Questions

How does the GLEANER COMBINE R62 handle different crop types?

The GLEANER COMBINE R62 is designed to handle a wide range of crops, from wheat and barley to corn and soybeans. It features adjustable settings for the header and threshing system, allowing farmers to customize the combine's performance to specific crop types and field conditions.

How does the GLEANER COMBINE R62 handle wet or tough crop conditions?

The GLEANER COMBINE R62 features a heavy-duty threshing system that can handle wet or tough crop conditions, such as lodged or downed crops. It also has an adjustable rotor speed and concave clearance, allowing farmers to optimize performance for specific crop conditions.

What is the cutting width of the header for the GLEANER COMBINE R62?

The GLEANER COMBINE R62 comes with a standard cutting width of 20 feet. However, larger headers are also available as options for those who require wider cutting widths for their specific needs.

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